• “We found it to be a very visual and interesting educational platform. – Its use has been simple and Dynamic. – With this we have learned the history of the cultural heritage of Valladolid as well as how to structure sentences in English. We find it an entertaining and innovative way to learn both English and history. We believe that in this way young people will learn in a more dynamic way, thus better capturing their attention. In addition to being an educational platform, it helps young people appreciate cultural heritage”
Students from the University of Valladolid (Uva), Spain, 2022

• “Making this short film for the European WAAT-project about contested heritage felt like an interesting and creative experiment to me. It was my first time producing a film like this and I think it worked out quite well. The film is a great medium to tell stories. I tried to make the different perspectives around this heritage topic visible and hopefully, it can be used as a start of an open conversation. That’s something I always try to implement in my work. Or maybe it inspires people to make other short clips and we can raise more awareness of cultural heritage!“
Stakeholders meeting, Netherlands, online 2022

• “I like that there are possibilities to make the videos according to your own wishes, within a few selected parameters as duration for example. For heritage enthousiast/professionals, these guidelines are well structured while keeping freedom of your own artistic expression.”
Stakeholders meeting, Netherlands, online 2022

• “I think what makes the WAAT project unique is that the leading theme are the stories of
people and what makes them connect to heritage. What is this persons connection with this
artefact – why do they think that these stories deserve telling. Everyones story – their own
connection with this piece of heritage is unique an transiet, therefore it deserves to be
captured long-term on a platform like this. They are highly user-oriented“.
Stakeholders meeting, Lithuania, Plungė, 2022

• “The project not only broadened the knowledge about cultural heritage in general, but also
provides an opportunity to make a concrete and practical contribution to the production of
a film about cultural heritage – the generation of ideas, the collection and systematization of
information, filming, editing and publishing on the platform“.
Stakeholders meeting, Croatia, online 2021

• “Some adults will be interested in using the WAAT platform. In my opinion, people will learn more about selecting interesting heritage objects and how to show them to others.“
Multiplier event, Lithuania, Plungė, 2022

• “Integrating the WAAT guide and digital platform into the adult learning process would make lessons much more attractive. Often, adult education, especially formal ones, where adults decide to finish secondary school later, seems to be organized outright, and the approach to the teaching and learning process is boring. An innovative approach to digital technology could raise the level and prestige of adult education. The WAAT guide and platform could be a tool to change the view that formal adult learning is attractive“.
Multiplier event, Italy, Foligno, 2022

• “By using videos you will learn more about each other’s cultural heritage. Moreover, you are challenged to make videos of what you think is cultural heritage. The instructions on the platform will help you with that. It turns out that basically anyone can make these short films. In that sense, the project is very inclusive and democratic “.
Multiplier event, Netherlands, Amsterdam, 2022

• “The importance of the emotional connection to the object when evaluating heritage.
Information about the object is important, but so is what one experiences, the emotional
feeling one has about the object. I have learned that it is possible to evaluate a heritage
object and, apart from the most important points, to focus on publicising and updating the
Stakeholders meeting, Austria, Graz, 2021

“Cultural heritage is not necessarily tangible and intangible. Cultural heritage is an emotion. “
Stakeholders meeting, Spain, Olmedo, 2021

• “There are many things which can be considered when creating digital stories and making videos.
Nevertheless it showed that also newcomers can achieve good results when considering some
aspects. Especially audio-recording seems tricky without special equipment.“
LTTA, Croatia, Zagreb, 2021

• “I am very satisfied with first outputs as results of join work of WAAT partners. I think the guide
and platform will be easy to work with and it’s good base for attract many users., especialy since
it is freely accessible. The inovative part is oportunity to explore different aspects and angles to
LTTA, Croatia, Zagreb, 2021

• “It enriched my knowledge in general. I learned a lot of new things and found the new fields of interest (for example the visual anthropology). It also expanded my knowledge about cultural heritage and showed how many different approaches there can be. I am satisfied about this training and I will still have something to think about even after the training.“
LTTA, Online, 2021

• “Knowledge about the use of visual anthropology techniques in presenting research outcomes,
possibility of using metaphors and enhancing them to a obvious level, need to plan different
LTTA, Online, 2021