Legendary Plungė basketball team „Olimpas“

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Plungės “Olimpas” is a Lithuanian basketball club founded in 1989. In 1993, they made their debut in the Lithuanian Basketball League (LKL) and secured fifth place. The team competed in the LKL for four seasons until 1997. In its final season of existence, the club was renamed “Žemaitijos Lokiai.”

Plungės “Olimpas” holds the distinction of being the only basketball club representing the city of Plungė in the top Lithuanian basketball league. Their highest achievement was securing the second place in the LKL in 1997.

In 2011, Plungės “Olimpas” was revived and began competing in the Lithuanian Regional Basketball League. In their first season back, they won the Regional Basketball League and then proceeded to win the transitional matches against Šiauliai “Universitetas-ABRO” with a series score of 2:0, earning the right to compete in the National Basketball League (NKL).

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