Dr. Boris Efros

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Boris Efros, Ph.D., surgeon, was born in 1914. November 1 In the family of Jews living in Plungė. His father had a degree in chemistry from the University of Berlin and his mother was a dentist. In his youth he moved to Kaunas. Here Boris graduated from the Jewish Gymnasium, and in 1939. Vytautas Magnus Faculty of Medicine. He started working as a surgeon in Marijampolė, Kaunas. During the war he left for Russia and worked as the head of the surgical department at Balchash Hospital. In 1945, he returned to Lithuania and was appointed chief surgeon of the Lithuanian Railway Hospital. In 1949, B. Efros was one of the first surgeons to defend his dissertation on the treatment of trophic ulcers at Vilnius University. He filmed several of his surgeries. The filmed tapes were used as a training tool for novice surgeons. Ephros educated and taught the residents, passing on their knowledge and experience to them. Trained to operate 25 young surgeons.

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