The WAAT project aim is to promote an exchange of good practices and to develop new material to spread knowledge for adult educators on how to effectively teach learners about values of cultural heritage between different European countries. The project will open a range of different angles to access cultural heritage content. The expected results are to develop a modern and dynamic system of understanding and promoting 4 aspects of cultural heritage through digital stories.

The WAAT objectives are:

  1. TO MOTIVATE dialogues between professionals on cultural heritage (intangible, tangible, digital, nature).
  2. TO DEVELOP new material for adult educators and leaners on raising awareness and connecting people about cultural heritage.
  3. TO REVEAL uniquely 4 aspects of cultural heritage throughout making digital stories/short films.
  4. TO IMPLEMENT specific training of testing created toolkit (during the Project) in practice at learning activities.
  5. TO PROMOTE cultural heritage of different European countries throughout integral learning system created during the Project.

Main deliverables:
– TOOLKIT – introducing the project’s rationale and methodology, illustrating the use of the educational material created throughout the project to promote and raise awareness about cultural heritage. The toolkit will integrate all the resources created during the WAAT project.
– 2 LTTA, which play a crucial role with regard to the achievement of project results, as they are devoted to support beneficiaries‘ acquisition of competences and skills related to the cultural heritage and digital stories, in order to engage them in the enhancement of local cultural heritage and make them aware about the creative and digital tools (filmmaking) which can be used for promoting cultural heritage.
– Publicly available digital material on cultural heritage (films). At least 31 digital movies/stories.
– 6 multiplier events.
– WAAT digital platform.

Project partners are:
Plunge public library (Lithuania) – coordinator
Quiosq (Netherlands)
EGInA SRL (Italy)
The Multidisciplinary European Research Institute Graz (Austria)
Centro de Educación de Adultos de Olmedo (Spain)