WAAT aims to develop a modern and dynamic system of understanding and promoting cultural heritage through digital stories. Based on the subject of cultural heritage WAAT shows how self-made short films can be applied in adult education and at the same time, WAAT contributes to disseminating heritage in its widest sense by introducing a heritage digital video platform. Besides a constructivist understanding of heritage, we intend to offer an easy approach to the production of digital video stories. There is no need to have specific knowledge in filmmaking and you do not need special equipment. Based on this WAAT Guide for Educators, the camera of your mobile phone or tablet, as well as basic user know-how, are enough to produce short digital educational video stories and upload them on the WAAT digital platform.

You will have to choose one of the following four categories to classify your short video: tangible, intangible, digital, and natural heritage. Tangible heritage includes buildings and historic places, monuments, artifacts, etc., which are considered worthy of preservation for the future. These include objects significant to the archaeology, architecture, science, or technology of a specific culture. On the other hand, according to definitions of UNESCO intangible cultural heritage is a practice, representation, expression, knowledge or skill to be part of a place’s cultural heritage such as folklore, customs, beliefs, traditions, knowledge, and language. Digital heritage is the use of digital media in the service of understanding and preserving cultural and natural heritage. And natural heritage refers to the sum of the elements of biodiversity, including flora and fauna, ecosystems, and geological structures.

Explore, learn and engage then we all be together to raise awareness of cultural heritage.

Project partners are:
Plunge public library (Lithuania) – coordinator
Quiosq (Netherlands)
EGInA SRL (Italy)
The Multidisciplinary European Research Institute Graz (Austria)
Centro de Educación de Adultos de Olmedo (Spain)